Amazing: ‘Fish Rain’ Thrills In a Village Of Andhra Pradesh

indexAn unusual fish rain in the Gollamudi village of Nandigama Mandal near Vijayawada thrilled the villagers early in the morning of Friday. Hundreds of fish ‘rained from the sky’ and fell in the fields of the villagers, who collected them enthusiastically from hundreds of acres of their waterlogged fields and took them home.

According to the villagers, fish belonging to the Vallaga species and in varying sizes of 4 to 6 inches fell from the clouds along with the heavy downpour in the Friday morning. The jubilance was such that the villagers even informed people belonging to their neighboring villages, who rushed to the fields on the outskirts of Gollamudi.

According to an environmentalist, fish rain is due to the displacement caused due to rain and strong gales or tornados. The water from nearby rivers, canals, and fish tanks get displaced due to heavy wind and that fish does not fall from the sky. Apparently, similar fish rain occurred in the 1970s in Srikakulam and Vizianagaram and often occur in foreign countries. – See more at:


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