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Who Is Complete..? A Wise Man or A Strong & Courageous Woman..

12308841_1075674705809892_75221471124373774_nWhen I heard the story of Gautam Buddha, my question was always about his wife and son that he left behind…this write-up by Vikram Bhattacharya touches that part of the story.

He left her in the middle of the night, the night their son was
born. When she heard the news
she was devastated.

Yet, she did not complain but her
life lost all meaning. The only
reason for her to live now was
her son. She wanted him to grow
up to be a man that the world
would look up to.

Her friends and relatives came
around and asked her to forget
about the man who had left her
and start life again.
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Incredible Facts About Brain

index-Dieting Could force your brain to eat itself. scientists say
-The brain keeps developing until your late 40’s.
-Our sense of smell has a deep emotional connection with our brain!That is why memories that are triggered by scent seem more intense and easier to recall.
-The brain treats rejection like physical pain.
-During Pregnancy, a woman’s brain will shrink.It will take up to 6 months to regain its size.
-Your brain is the fattest organ in your body. It’s about 60% fat.
-You have over 100,000 miles of axons in your brain. They could wrap around the earth 4 times.
-Information can go in between parts of your brain at a speed of 260mph.
-You have taste receptors in the stomach,intestine, pancreas,lungs and the brain.
-New brain connections are created every time you forma a memory.

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Do You Know..? Some Facts About Pregnancy

11059716_841409465937642_1197165869901002378_nYou might have seen many women pregnant in your lives; mothers, sisters, friends, strangers, maybe even you. But have you ever wondered the amount of change that the women’s body undergoes or what happens inside the uterus when a women is pregnant. Here are some lesser known facts.

  • The Last Organ That develops in the baby during pregnancy is Lungs.
  • A Woman’s uterus expands to more than 500 times to its normal size during the course of pregnancy.
  • The Largest cell in the human body is the female ovum or the egg cell.
  • The smallest cell in the human body is the male sperm.

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